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Any Day 3 Day Cleanse

Any Day 3 Day Cleanse

Any Day 3 Day Cleanse



Our habits–overeating, excess sugar, alcohol, and less rest–can impede the body’s ability to detox naturally. The liver is the master of detoxification, but it becomes sluggish when we abuse it.

For the next three days, eliminate all sweets, alcohol, sodas, and processed food from your diet. You’ll also avoid grains, gluten, and animal products. Replace them with green juices, smoothies, lean proteins and lots of plant-based material. Stay well hydrated by drinking lots of water. 

Your Three Days….

Morning Metabolism Boost Drink 

Breakfast -

Day (1) - Mango Ginger Smoothie

Day (2) - Green Berry Matcha Smoothie

Day (3) - Turmeric Orange Smoothie

Lunch -

Day (1) Vegetable Broth Soup

Day (2) Kale Casar Salad 

Day (3) Super Green Chicken Salad

Mid Afternoon Milk Thistle Green Juice 8oz -Mediterranean medicine for liver detoxification

Dinner -

Day (1) Vegetable Plate with Grilled Chicken

Day (2) Roasted Quinoa Vegetable Bowl

Day (3) Grilled Salmon and Broccolini

Before Bed Latte - *Golden Milk 
Premade with gluten free dairy free Oat Malk Organics plantmilk and portioned; 8oz, ready to sip warmed or enjoy over ice. Our custom blend of 12 warming spices. Will easy your body into a restful sleep