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Anti-inflammatory Cleanse

Anti-inflammatory Cleanse

Anti-inflammatory Cleanse


Anti Inflammatory Cleanse

No one food reduces inflammation and building a healthy, holistic dietary pattern can lower your risk of inflammatory disease and transform your health.


Let’s get started…..


Breakfast Smoothies-
Anti-inflammatory smoothies are blends of fruits, vegetables, and spices that are high in anti-inflammatory benefits. Drinking them regularly will help fight off free radicals and reduce inflammation-causing chemicals in your body.

Combination of lean proteins and plant based material forward.

Snacks AM and PM
We will provide packages labeled snacks during your time with us so your kept on track and temptations stay away

Lots of vegetables and lean proteins. During your cleanse we will keep you away from red meat and choose other proteins; poultry or fish.

Nightly Golden Milk Latte-
Premade with gluten free dairy free Oat Malk Organics plantmilk and portioned; 8oz, ready to sip warmed or enjoy over ice. Our custom blend of 12 warming spices. Will easy your body into a restful sleep


Breakfast :

Raspberry-Kefir Power Smoothie
(1) medium orange

A.M. Snack :

1/4 cup dry-roasted unsalted almonds

Lunch :

Chicken White Bean Veggie Salad -chicken breast, mixed salad greens, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, white beans, avocado, red-wine vinegar, extra-virgin olive oil, kosher salt, black pepper

Afternoon Snack :

Dried Apricots
1/4 cup dried walnut halves

Dinner :

Grilled Salmon & Vegetables- fingerling potatoes, olive oil, garlic, sea salt, ground black pepper, salmon fillet, red, yellow and/or orange sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, fresh parsley, kalamata olives, fresh oregano, lemon

1-Hour Before Bed :
8oz Golden Milk Latte (warmed or iced)

Sample Daily Totals: 1,402 calories, 87g protein, 135g carbohydrates, 37g fiber, 70g fat, 589mg sodium